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ApneaRX Reviews

We love getting ApneaRx reviews from New Zealanders that have solved or reduced their snoring issues with ApneaRx. Read some of the reviews we’ve received online below, or leave your own review now!

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My dentist product worked for me for many years but also cost a fair quid. I gave this a chance at a fraction of the cost and it has been a real win for me. I was initially concerned about the adjustment part as my dentist would normally do this for me but it turns out it’s as easy to use as it says on the packet.

M GoldfernVerified Purchase - July 2020

Living with a snorer has t been fun for the best part of the last 8 years. It has been woahful sleep for both of us leading into cranky days everyday. I had seen this at Harvey Norman for a while and decided to ask a few questions and was sold on the guarantee. And just like that, nothing but silence on the first night. What an amazing difference Apnearx has made to both of our lives.

DenVerified Purchase - June 2020

WOW!! , no more sleepless nights and no longer sleeping in the spare room…say no more.

VarunVerified Purchase - March 2020

It does exactly what it says it does. Happy customer.

BishVerified Purchase - Jan 2020

i am happy with the results. My finance is too and sleep is good

EdvinaVerified Purchase - Jan 2020

It took a bit of getting used to for me to be honest, but it did eventually aid my sleep apnea.

CherylVerified Purchase - Jan 2020

ApneaRX came highly recommended from my sleep clinic for a mouthpiece and it has been a very good investment.

JudeVerified Purchase - Jan 2020

“The biggest issue i had was the lack of decent sleep and struggling through work everyday. That is now all behind me when I was recommended apnea rx. This has actually improved my life immensely.”

TanVerified Purchase - Dec 2019

“Very good snoring product and I can finally sleep in the same bed as my partner.”

YuriVerified Purchase - Dec 2019

“I couldn’t afford a CPAP machine but the doctors said I needed something. I found this and tried it. Glad I did cause it works perfectly and it comfy. Glad I tried it before spending all that money on a CPAP.”

AnnaVerified Purchase - Dec 2019

“I have practically tried everything, even a few different types of mouth guards. This one was more expensive but also the only one that has worked for me.”

JensenVerified Purchase - Dec 2019

“ApneaRXhas been a god sent to me and my family. I had tried sleep masks and they worked but this was a lot easier to sleep with.”

ChonVerified Purchase - Nov 2019

“This is the most superior by a long shot, highly recommend to spend the extra $$ on apnearx. It works.”

AshVerified Purchase - Nov 2019

“I’ve used mine for years and recently needed to replace it and purchase a brand new one. I can’t imagine a night sleep without.”

Kunal SVerified Purchase - Nov 2019

“This has been a way better option for me than my old cpap machine. Highly recommend watching the instruction video to get the perfect fitting straight off the bat, luckily I was able to remould mine a second time and its perfect for me. I’m pretty sure my wife said I stopped snoring practically straight away and I took her word for it as you can never hear yourself snore. I definitely can tell that I wake up feeling heaps better than before.”

RonaldVerified Purchase - Oct 2019

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