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Do Anti Snoring Oral Strips Work?

Snoring Oral Strips - Do they work?

Many commercially-available, over-the-counter products claim to be effective for minimising or stopping snoring. Widely available in your local pharmacy, supermarket medical aisle, and online, the options are wide and it can be difficult to determine which ones really work and which are simply a waste of your time and money. 

Snoring oral strips are one of these many types of snoring solutions and manufacturers claim that they effectively prevent snoring. But do they work – and are they truly worthwhile?

Snoring Oral Strips – What are They?

Snoring oral strips are a simple solution that some people use to prevent snoring. 

Two main types of anti-snoring oral strips are available:

External Oral Strips – These are adhesive strips that are worn across the closed mouth and are designed to inhibit mouth breathing. By inhibiting airflow through the mouth, the sleeper is actively encouraged to breathe through the nose. The strips have a very small aperture for breathing at the centre of the strip, but otherwise, the lips are completely taped closed to prevent open-mouth snoring. 

The concept behind this product is that it seals the lips and, in doing so, prevents the lower jaw from relaxing and allowing the tongue to fall back into the throat. They may also help to prevent dry mouth, sore throat, gum disease and bad breath arising from open-mouth sleeping. 

External oral strips also purport to improve the experience of using CPAP for obstructive sleep apnoea. 

Internal Oral Strips – are also a single-use product. They are dissolvable, dual-action strips that are placed onto the roof of the mouth (hard palate) before going to sleep. They are made with natural ingredients including menthol decongestant, peppermint flavouring, and Vitamin E. They gently release a solution that hydrates the throat, lubricates the soft tissues of the mouth, protects against airborne allergens, and reduces inflammation and swelling of the airways. They also claim to eliminate dry mouth on waking. 

Do Oral Strips Work for Snoring?

  • Internal dissolvable oral snoring strip products from reputable brands are safe to use every night.  They do become expensive as they need to be purchased continuously. These strips may alleviate some of the uncomfortable effects of snoring, but they do not address the root causes of snoring.

  • Nasal dilators, nasal strips, and nasal sprays are used by some people with their oral snoring strips. These can be uncomfortable, don’t address the causes of snoring (except perhaps in the case of nasal dilators for the minority of nasal snorers) and there is little scientific evidence to support their use.

  • External mouth strips are not recommended as a general guideline. They are unsuitable for snorers who:
    • Have issues with nasal breathing (e.g., allergies, large adenoids, or a deviated septum)
    • Have a nasal, sinus, or ear infection
    • Experience low blood pressure
    • Have moderate or severe heart or respiratory issues (including asthma)
    • Are very overweight or obese
    • Have consumed alcohol or sedatives
    • Have chapped lips or acne/broken skin around the mouth 
    • Who are sensitive/allergic to dermal adhesives

Do You Need Help With Snoring? You deserve the right solution  – one that is safe, comfortable, reusable, adjustable, and affordable – and that works! 

Managing snoring is not simple – because snoring itself is not a simple problem.

Some oral strip products do indeed work for some snorers, but these snorers are not in the majority. 

The best approach is to use a product that has been bio-medically engineered and developed and scientifically proven to help a majority of snorers. 

ApneaRx is that solution.

ApneaRx – an Anti-Snoring Device that Really Works

You need to treat the root cause of snoring – so choose an anti-snoring device that does so.

Choose ApneaRx.

ApneaRX is the New Zealand brand of a globally popular anti-snoring device. It is a mandibular advancement device and a scientifically engineered solution for snorers of all adult ages. 

ApneaRx’s unique fully adjustable design has also been clinically tested to treat the symptoms associated with mild to moderate sleep apnea and bruxism (aka tooth grinding), ensuring you have all your bases covered when seeking a peaceful, healthier nights sleep.

Worn in the mouth during sleep, ApneaRx gently repositions the lower jaw (mandible) slightly forward to open the airways as you breathe for smoother airflow while asleep. Snoring improves dramatically and can be completely resolved for most people.

ApneaRx is the safe, affordable, reusable, comfortable, and fully adjustable solution to snoring. It won’t interrupt your sleep or that of your partner, and it has been proven to achieve real results. 

Purchase ApneaRx 

Explore how ApneaRx can change your life. To learn more, call us on 0800 111 325 in NZ (Monday-Friday 11 am-6 pm) or use our contact form.  You can also purchase ApneaRX online now