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Snoring Mouth Guards – Quality Counts

Snoring Mouth Guards - Why quality counts.

Snoring and sleep apnoea are a major problem for a significant number of New Zealanders. If you’re a snorer, you likely wake up feeling tired and, throughout the day, have trouble staying awake and alert. While your snoring is certainly a potential annoyance for your partner and even others in your home, it can literally be harmful to your own health and well-being both in the short-term and over time. For this reason, it is essential that you seek appropriate snoring solutions to alleviate the problem and to treat mild to moderate sleep apnoea.

Modifying your lifestyle can be a help when it comes to snoring and sleep apnoea; by reducing your alcohol consumption, losing weight, and choosing to not smoke, your symptoms can be alleviated to a certain extent. High-quality stop snoring devices, however, can be even more effective, especially when used in combination with the aforementioned lifestyle modifications, and the right snoring mouthguards can make a significant difference to your quality of sleep and overall health.

Snoring Mouth Guards Explained

Snoring mouth guards are specialised anti-snoring devices. These are worn in the mouth at night while sleeping to reposition the lower jaw and open the airways to provide easier breathing during sleep and to eliminate snoring.

For most people who snore, it occurs primarily when they sleep on their back. The tongue muscles and the muscles of the neck relax or even collapse into the back of the throat. This, in turn, narrows the airways and restricts the airflow between the nose or mouth and the lungs. This causes vibration of the surrounding tissues which makes the sound we associate with snoring.

When somebody has sleep apnoea, this causes people to actually stop breathing for a very short period – and many people are completely unaware they have this disruptive condition.

A snoring mouthguard is a Mandibular adjustment device. This is an effective remedy to alleviate snoring and sleep apnoea and improve quality of sleep.

How does it work? By pulling the lower jaw slightly forward, the position and physiological behaviour of the muscles of the neck and base of the tongue are optimised, so that they can no longer relax into the back of the throat and block the airways. This eliminates snoring and alleviates sleep apnoea as long as they stop snoring device is worn. It is not a permanent cure, but it does work each and every time it is worn to ensure a better, healthier night’s sleep.

Why Avoid Cheap Snoring Mouth Guards?

Like everything else, when it comes to snoring mouthguards, there are a lot of products available in the market that are of substandard quality. Some claim to be effective devices to stop snoring yet they do not deliver on their promise and can in some cases even be detrimental to your health and wellbeing.

Cheap anti-snoring devices may:

  • Be made from cheap and unsafe materials
  • May have components that damage the teeth and mouth
  • Not even be authentic mandibular adjustment devices
  • Not be medically, scientifically designed
  • Not come with a standard warranty
  • Not provide a function for micro-adjustment
  • Be uncomfortable

Why Choose ApneaRX?

ApneaRX is a premium-quality, Class 1 registered anti-snoring medical device that has been specifically designed and engineered to treat the symptoms associated with mild to moderate sleep apnoea and help you stop snoring. It is fully adjustable in 1mm increments for a micro-fit and it gently and comfortably repositions the lower jaw during sleep. It is the only anti snoring mouth guard on the market that is adjustable. This in turn effectively opens the airways for optimal airflow while breathing, and it even allows for easy mouth breathing. There are no springs, rods, screws, or rubber bands – it is 100% safe to use.

Choose ApneaRX to Stop Snoring

Here at ApneaRX, we are proud to provide a revolutionary, scientifically-engineered medical grade device to help stop snoring and to treat mild to moderate sleep apnoea. Our product is one of the most effective stop snoring devices in the world and unlike other top-quality products of its calibre, it is very affordable. Visit our website today to learn more, have your questions answered, and contact us to order your ApneaRX device to enjoy better sleep!