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The Best Snoring Apps and Snore Recorder

Snore Recorder App on Bestime Table

Do you want to understand your snoring better? A snore recorder app could help!

Accepting that you snore and understanding how bad the problem is for you is an important first step to stopping snoring and sleeping better. There are apps for almost everything, including better sleep and tracking your snoring. These sleep recorders and snoring apps can be incredibly helpful. 

What is a Snoring App / Snore Recorder?

A snore recorder records your snoring, as well as potentially your sleeping patterns as you sleep. It gathers an array of important information about:

  • When you snore
  • How loudly you snore
  • How severely you snore
  • How your snoring disrupts your sleep

Different snore recorders and sleep tracker apps work in different ways. Likewise, some are of better quality than others. Regardless, all good options have the following in common:

  1. They help improve your overall sleep quality by tracking your sleep cycles, depth, and duration.
  2. They enable you to input feedback about how you feel on waking and other factors relating to your sleep to better analyse and report on how your sleep quality and disturbances may be impacting your health and wellbeing.
  3. They detect, record, and analyse your snoring to understand its dynamics and how you could prevent it.
  4. They warn of any risks associated with your snoring – are you at risk of sleep apnoea?
  5. They offer recommendations for lifestyle changes, better sleep habits, and advice if you should see a doctor.

How Does a Snore Recorder Work?

Using a snore recorder app is simple.

  1. Download your chosen app to your iOS or Android smartphone or another device. Before you go to bed, switch the app on and set your device beside your bed.
  2. The app will record your snoring as you sleep.
  3. When you awaken for the day, switch the app off. Record how you feel (e.g., energised, sleepy, refreshed, fatigued, headachy, sore throat, etc). 

The snore recorder app will analyse both the audio of your snoring (and potentially other sleep sounds, like sleep talking) as well as your personal input information. It provides a detailed report about your snoring, including how it may impact your quality of sleep. This is valuable information to help your doctor diagnose your snoring and what treatment approach will be best for you.

Why Are Snore Recorder Apps Useful? 

Understanding not only that you snore, but why you do, is very important. 

Snoring isn’t just annoying. At its best, it signifies less than stellar sleep quality, which can lead to daytime fogginess, poor mood and performance, memory and concentration issues, a higher risk of accidents, and an array of health effects. At its worst, it can be a sign of obstructive sleep apnoea, which is a dangerous medical condition and demands proper sleep apnea treatment.

Many of us don’t want to believe we snore – especially if we feel like we sleep well. But if your partner or family say you snore, especially if that snoring is annoying or disruptive for them, it’s important to get to the bottom of it. You need to know how much you snore, how severely, and how loudly, as well as whether your snoring is a slight wheeze or akin to a freight train.

Using the right snore recorder app is a great way to gather valuable, real-time feedback on your snoring.

Which Snore Recorder App is Best?

While we believe SnoreLab to be among the better apps, other options include:

  1. SnoreClock – this affordable app records snoring over the entire night, as well as other noises that may be disturbing your sleep.
  2. Goodsomnia Lab – this app records, replays, and analyses snoring sounds to help track your sleep and identify the reason you snore. It is free to use with an optional premium subscribed version.
  3. Do I Snore or Grind – this app records snoring and teeth grinding, both common sleep issues, and tracks sleep cycles and nighttime wakefulness.
  4. Snore Control (iOS) – this free or paid-premium app records snoring and sleep talking. It also features a “stop snoring” function to gently vibrate or make a sound to alert the sleeper when snoring commences. 

Others include:

  1. Snore Track
  2. Snore Free
  3. Sleep Monitor
  4. SnoreApp (Android)
  5. PrimeNap (Android)

One of the better snore recorder apps is SnoreLab. This innovative app is very popular and is recommended in NZ and internationally by doctors and dentists. 

The app records, measures, and tracks snoring to help you understand your snoring habit better and identify how to improve it.

The app runs beside the bed as you sleep. When you wake up the next morning, you can quickly see when you snored and how loudly and severely this occurred.  The app also allows you to log and track lifestyle factors and whether you use anti-snoring devices or other sleep remedies so that you can better understand what works for you.

SnoreLab is available in both iOS and Android options. A free version is available for basic recording, measurement, analysis, and tracking, with an affordable paid subscription option with additional features.

Improve your Sleep and Stop Snoring – ApneaRx

Sleep recorder apps can be very helpful for understanding your snoring but you must also implement some changes to stop snoring. These can include appropriate lifestyle changes, as well as potentially using natural sleep remedies and the ideal anti-snoring device.

ApneaRx is the NZ brand of a medically engineered mandibular advancement device (MAD). It is worn in the mouth as you sleep and is a very effective tool to minimise snoring due to its unique adjustability feature which repositions the lower jaw very gently forward, opening the airways for easier, snore-free breathing. 

ApneaRx is comfortable and safe to wear and is widely recommended by doctors and sleep specialists.

Discover ApneaRx now and order yours today!